5 Secret Techniques to Improve Exams With Canvas

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There are many ways to improve your exam, and Canvas has several tools that can help you. These tools include quizzes, assignment groups, copy and paraphrase tools, and time limits. You can also use gradescope, bubble sheets, or scanned handwritten work to increase your students’ chances of scoring high on the exam.

Quiz page

When you’re taking a quiz on Canvas, it’s important to know when it’s due so that you can be sure to complete it. It’s also important not to wait until the last minute, when you’re less likely to get help. Make sure your browser is compatible with Canvas, and turn off any pop-up blockers.

If you have a quiz that has multiple attempts, you can set that limit. The best setting for the “Enable Multiple Attempts” is “Until” or “Only after the last attempt.” If you don’t want students to see their quiz answers, you can leave that box unchecked. You can also set the date for the quiz if you want.

Time limit

A time limit can improve the quality of yourexams and help you keep students from cheating. It also minimizes the time students spend looking up answers online. Whether students are taking a quiz or completing a paper, it’s crucial to set an appropriate time limit to prevent students from cheating.

There are two ways to set time limits for your exams: a fixed time limit for the entire exam and an adjustable time limit for specific questions. Setting the time limit will depend on the questions and how complex they are. Also, consider whether the questions will take a certain amount of time for the student to read and respond. In addition, you can use question sets in Canvas to randomly select questions for each student.

Question groups

There are five key strategies to improve exam results by using Canvas. One of them is to provide timely, balanced feedback. Another strategy is to give frequent quizzes to students to improve student understanding of concepts. Canvas provides features that let you add feedback to answer choices and take low-stakes quizzes multiple times to test student understanding of concepts.

Another effective strategy to improve exam results is to use proctored testing. Canvas does not itself act as a proctor, but it offers integrations with several proctoring tools, such as Respondus Lockdown Browser. This online exam proctoring feature uses a video camera or webcam to monitor students while they take the test. This allows you to see if any irregularities are happening.

Copying and paraphrasing

Students often copy and paraphrase main points of a text. Although this behavior is not prohibited, it is considered dishonest by many trainers. To avoid plagiarism, students should make sure they cite the original source and use different referencing formats. They should also make sure they don’t add personal opinions or leave vast parts of the text unchanged.

Canvas has a plagiarism checker, which flags copied texts and generates a plagiarism report. Students should make sure they submit their own work and avoid copying from others. If they do need to copy content, they should edit or paraphrase it to make it their own. In order to ensure that Canvas does not flag copied text, students should include the original author’s name in the text.


There are a number of ways to cheat on Canvas exams. One such technique is modifying the way your answers are typed. For example, you could type in “do you remember this question?” instead of “I do not remember that question.” Then, the Canvas plagiarism checker would flag the answer and report it to your instructor. This can help you avoid plagiarism and pass the exam.

A lot of people have a hard time answering questions on Canvas. There are various loopholes in this system, and cheating is on the rise. However, there are several simple things you can do to improve your chances of passing your exam.

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